Morpholine / Related Application Product

Surfactant for acidification and thickening SZC-02

1. Product Nature:

This product is a new type of Gemini cationic surfactant, which can easily form unique worm-like micelles in acid solution to thicken it.
Two, technical indicators

Exterior Light yellow liquid or solid
Solid content,% ≥95
Shelf life 1 year

3. How to use
Slowly add this product dropwise to the 80-95°C concentrated hydrochloric acid solution under stirring, continue stirring until it is completely dissolved and uniform, and then adjust according to specific requirements.
Four, product use
This product is widely used in the thickening of organic acids and inorganic acids, and is suitable for oilfield acidification fluids and toilet cleaners.
Five, packaging, storage and transportation
1. This product is packed in 25kg plastic woven bag or 50kg plastic drum, and it can also be customized according to customer requirements.
2. The following signs should be on the packaging barrel: product name, factory name, batch number, net weight, production date, and product qualification certificate.
3. This product should be stored in a cool place without light exposure, and should be protected from sunlight, rain and high temperature during transportation. This product is non-dangerous.
VI. Settlement method
Unit name: Henan Provincial Road Purification Technology Co., Ltd.
Account opening bank: Bank of Communications Beihuan Road Sub-branch
Account No.: 411062400018010004191
Remittance: Zhengzhou City, Henan Province