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Supply steel high temperature blackening powder

763 and 763B steel high temperature blackening powder

Special reminder:763 and 763B steel high temperature blackening agent The method of use is the same. Please read this manual carefully before using this product. need to use with rubber gloves. Please use the product in a well-ventilated place. Please do not operate in a closed or airtight environment (please use plastic pots for rust remover) (please pay attention to eye protection when using,required Wear rubber gloves to use, all in this suityaoThe water must not be eaten, and the elderly and children must not be touched.) Otherwise, you will be at your own risk! In addition, customers need to prepare an industrial thermometer which can measure around 200 degrees.

Overview:Steel The blackening powder is a protective film that can produce dense black on the surface of steel. The thickness of the black oxide film is between 1.5-2.5 microns.

Processing slot: Stainless steel welding tank or stainless steel pot

Heater: Heating with gas stove and electric heating rod or battery stove etc.

Blackening process:If the workpiece can be easily sanded with sandpaper, first use sandpaper to sand the surface of the workpiece, and then use a degreasing agent or detergent to clean the oil stains of the workpiece to be blackened-wash with water-soak the rust remover The time is about 5-8 minutes (the rust removal time is not specified until there is no rust, and the time for soaking the rust remover with serious rust spots can go to 40-50 minutes)-take it out and wash it, soak the workpiece with clean water, and then Go to the blacking process below

Blackening agent configuration method: It is recommended that the concentration of the slotting ratio is (steel blackening powder900g-1000g) to (1000g water). First add a good proportion of water to the stainless steel working tank and then heat it to 60-70 degrees slowly. Add the blackening powder in a good proportion, and stir slowly with a wooden stick or a plastic stick while adding the blackening powder. After the addition is complete, continue to stir and completely dissolve, heat the working fluid until it boils and directly put it into the pre-treated blackened workpiece to cook , Boil the blackening agent continuously, and the blackening time is generally 3-5 minutes (during the cooking process, you can take out the workpiece from time to time to see if the workpiece is black enough. When the workpiece is black enough, stop heating, use a clamp or Take out the workpiece with pliers and wash it with running water. Then dry the workpiece at a temperature of about 80 degrees or blow it with hot air. Post-processing anti-rust usagepleaseLook below.

How to use 919 dehydration antirust oil:

919-1# dehydrated anti-rust oil: put the blackened workpiece directly on the 919, shake it for a few times, and put in the dehydrated anti-rust oil It can be taken out after 1-2 minutes. (Suitable for precision parts with convenient and quick operation and general wear resistance) After the blackened and dried parts are dried, directly soak the parts in 919 dehydrated anti-rust oil for about 5 minutes and then gently shake the parts during the soaking process and then take them out. (It is bright after use, suitable for precision parts, convenient and quick to operate)

Notes for operation:The blackening working fluid is strongly alkaline. When operating at high temperature, you must wear labor protection equipment. Be sure to pay attention to safety to prevent burns. Any kind of blackening suityao Be careful of contact with human body, please rinse with plenty of water immediately.

Maintenance of high temperature blackening bath liquid:If you find that the blackening effect is not satisfactory, please turn it blackyaoWhen the water is heated and boiled, use a thermometer to measure its temperature, and the normal temperature of the blackening agent when it continuously boils 130-140 degrees is normal, if yaowater temperaturehighOver140 degrees means that the concentration of the blackening agent is too high, so you need to add an appropriate amount of water. If the temperature of the blackening agent is lower than 130°C, it means the blackening yaothe water concentration is too low, and an appropriate amount of the blackening agent needs to be added. When adjusting the concentration, add water or blackening agent. It turns black beforeyaoWaterIt’s necessaryStop heating and stay still font>Add it after 20 minutes. After the addition is complete, stir evenly and then raise the temperature to boiling, and then measure the temperature of the water to turn black. If it is within the normal range, it can continue to turn black. If you still can’t darken normally after adjustment (you can adjust the darkening according to the actual situationyaowater concentration) If you find a black groove at high temperatureyaoIf the water is severely polluted, you need to replace the blackeningyaowater, clean the blackening tank, and then re-slot it!