Morpholine / Related Application Product

Supply stainless steel doors and windows strong rust removal cleaner

Use steps

Daily dirt:

Spray this product on the surface of the dirt → wipe with a scouring pad immediately → wash immediately after cleaning → dry the water with a dry cloth;

Stubborn dirt:

Spray this product on the dirt surface and let it stand for 30 seconds to 2 minutes → wipe with a scouring pad → wash immediately after cleaning → dry Wipe dry with cloth

Stubborn dirt:
Refer to the above cleaning methods, apply more of this product, and wipe gently with a wire brush;

If you need stainless steel to prevent rust, please consult online customer service;

Warm tips

1. Put on rubber gloves before use, and ventilate the environment. It is only used for stainless steel doors and windows/stainless steel handrails, not other Use, otherwise you will be at your own risk;

2. Those who are sensitive to the smell of detergent can wear a mask. When cleaning, pay attention to the protection of metal products and eye protection, and avoid direct contact with the skin , If accidentally touched, rinse with water immediately;

3. Pregnant women are not recommended to use this product. Please store it in a place out of the reach of children and the elderly, and do not consume it.

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