Morpholine / Related Application Product

Supply of surfactants for degreasing, rust and wax removal in Shenzhen

Haomeite Chemical was established in 2010 Headquartered in Shenzhen, China’s frontier special zone, it is a company specializing in the field of surfactants. The products developed by the company include surfactants for pretreatment agents for coating, surfactants for pretreatment agents for electroplating, and surfaces for optical glass cleaning agents. Supply of surfactants, surfactants for wine bottle cleaning agents, surfactants for steel belt cleaning agents, hardware cleaning, precision cleaning, metal cleaning, etc.

A technology-based enterprise integrating chemical technology research and development, raw material processing, chemical semi-finished products production, and self-owned brand sales. After years of market precipitation and development, Homate Chemical has formed an industrialized, diversified, high-tech national high-tech enterprise. The industrial economic model of “fission and compound expansion” from upstream to the entire industry, from monomer to cluster, from tangible to intangible, promotes upgrades through market demand, and promotes the empire of the production industry in the green and healthy chemical industry. The product is suitable for metal cleaning agent, electronics industry cleaning agent, circuit board cleaning agent, glass cleaning agent, leather industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, paper industry, Dishwashing agent and other high-performance cleaning surfactants.

HMT-522H model is a Low-foaming surfactant; generally used for non-foaming or low-foaming industrial detergents, such as metal cleaners, metal degreasing agents, etc., can also be used for rust inhibitors, cutting fluids, etc. The most common typical uses are spray cleaners, Spray degreasing agent, high-pressure water flushing additives, etc.

Product Specifications:

1, 30kg/barrel, plastic barrel packaging, or 200kg/barrel, plastic barrel or iron barrel packaging.

2. Store in a cool and ventilated place, store and transport as general chemicals.

3. The shelf life is 18 months. If the storage period is too long, the foam may increase.

4. Provide free technical consultation.