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Supply of anti-rust agent for metal stamping iron parts

Water-soluble anti-rust sealant
Reminder: Before each use, you must shake it evenly and then pour out the tank; before operating the working fluid that has not been used for a long time, stir it evenly before operating. During the process of the workpiece, a circulating pump can be used to continuously stir the tank liquid, or an air pump can be placed at the bottom of the tank to achieve a bubbling and circulating stirring effect. After the workpiece is processed and used, if the effect is to be tested, it needs to be placed for 12 hours or more before proceeding. test.
Introduction:D106-5 water-soluble anti-rust sealant is a brown liquid, which is not easy to burn after being diluted with water, and can form a dense protective film on the surface of the metal (the workpiece is better after electroplating) , It has strong anti-rust, anti-oxidation and anti-tarnish effects, convenient to use, easy to operate, simple equipment required, suitable for metal stamping iron parts, various standard parts after plating (such as 201 stainless iron, 304 stainless steel, Nickel, pure copper, brass plating, red copper plating, chemical nickel, blackening, black nickel, tin, chromium, etc.) anti-rust and anti-oxidation treatment, used in electroplating, continuous electroplating, chemical plating. The anti-rust ability and salt spray ability of the treated workpiece can greatly enhance the surface gloss, will not stick together, will not affect the conductivity and welding. It also has good anti-rust ability for steel and stainless steel without electroplating.
Operation process: Electroplating workpiece→two washings→passivation→two washings→soaking in water-soluble anti-rust sealant→centrifuge drying→drying (do not use washing water to directly dry until the white liquid is just right Just disappear, too long drying time will affect the appearance and salt spray resistance) → packaging.
Operation process:
Concentration: 2-20% (that is, 100 liters of working fluid contains 2-20 liters of water-soluble anti-rust sealant, 80-98 liters of pure water or clean tap water, standard value 5%-10%)
Working fluid temperature: please dilute with water at room temperature, and use hot water at 35-50 degrees in winter or when the temperature is low.
Time: 30 seconds-5 minutes (if time permits, it is recommended that the soaking time is more than 3 minutes).
Drying temperature: 50-80°C (the soaked work piece is not washed with water, directly centrifuged and then dried).
Concentration usage parameters:
Concentration Surface state of the workpiece after treatment Salt spray resistance (neutral)
2-5% (recommended to dilute with pure water), almost no oily feeling, no rust for 18-28 hours
6-10% (recommended to dilute with pure water) Slightly oily, no rust for 24-50 hours
20% (recommended to dilute with pure water) moderate oily feeling, no rust for 50-124.5 hours
1. Before each use, be sure to shake the stock solution of the water-soluble anti-rust sealant evenly and then pour it out of the open tank. The temperature of the diluted water is 30-40 degrees,
2. The working fluid that has not been used for a long time should be stirred evenly before operation
3. The above data is for reference only (due to different coatings, types of coatings, and different workpiece materials, there will be differences)
4. Working fluid maintenance is calculated and added according to the amount of carry-out
5. The working fluid is recommended to be replaced after one week of use.
6. If there are spots on the surface of the workpiece after treatment, reduce the workpiece and drying temperature to 40-50℃, and re-operate the workpiece with spots, without re-plating.
7. If you have any problems during the operation, please call to solve them.
1. Due to the different raw materials and temperature, the stock solution may undergo delamination during the storage process. This is a normal phenomenon and will not affect the anti-rust effect. Sometimes the dissolution is faster and sometimes slower. If it is normal, please rest assured to use it.
2. If the anti-rust and salt spray ability is poor, please extend the soaking time or increase the concentration. If the oily feeling is too heavy, please reduce the concentration.
3. If the hanger is directly put into this product for processing, please clean it before putting it into the plating tank, so as not to bring the yao water into the plating solution and affect the plating solution.
4. If the test result fails to meet your company’s requirements, please tell us the reason so that we can provide a more suitable model.
Packaging:200ML/bottle, 500ML/bottle, 1 liter/bottle, 5 liters/barrel, 25 liters/barrel,
Shelf life: 12 months
Storage: Please store in a cool and ventilated place, away from high-temperature open flames, and flammable materials.
Statement: The content and recommendations of this manual are based on our company’s experimental data; due to the differences in the operation and equipment of each user, the company’s use of the company’s related products After the results, no guarantee is given, and no liability for damage caused by undesirable results is given. All the information in this manual shall not be used as evidence of copyright infringement. To