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Supply aluminum alloy high temperature blackening agent

Introduction:412 aluminum high temperature blackening agent is a kind of aluminum high temperature Alkaline blackening liquid is specially designed for the blackening of aluminum and aluminum alloys. It is suitable for aluminum extrusions, stampings, die-cast aluminum, cast aluminum, and various optical instruments and various accessories. It is not suitable for spray paint sealing. Use of artifacts.

Blackening process:Aluminum Alloy workpiece→degreasing and alkali corrosion (soaking time 3-5minutes)→washing with water→activation or 6061activation (soaking time 3-5Minutes)→Washing→413Soaking at room temperature and blackening (just see the workpiece is dark enough for time30 The second is up to1About 1 minute, don’t blacken for too long, otherwise the blackening layer will fall off)→After the blackening is complete Take it out and wash it immediately →412The high temperature turns black (the original liquid is heated to 85-95 degrees Celsius, put the workpiece in for soaking time 2-3Minutes)→wash in water→wash in hot water→dry→close. (Any kind of darkening process yaoWhen the water is not enough to soak, you can use the method of continuous pouring to darken, allyaowater should be filled with plastic basins )