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Suppliers sell food-grade hemoglobulin powder

Food grade hemoglobulin powder
This product is a raw material for high-quality protein, rich in high lysine, higher lysine, and high tryptophan, which has high economic value. It has been widely used in the food and health care products industry. In addition to the large domestic demand, as long as there is a product, it can be exported in large quantities.
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Component analysis
Protein ≥90.0% Moisture ≤8.0%
Sodium 0.4% Ash ≤ 5.0%
Potassium 0.3% total phosphorus ≥0.1%
Iron 2750ppm calcium 0.05-0.5%
Chlorine 1.40%
Metabolizable energy 4200Kcal/kg Digestive energy 4400Kcal/kg
Amino acid composition (calculated on a dry basis)
Aspartic acid 10.5% Glutamic acid 8.5%
Alanine 8.3% Isoleucine 0.6%
Phenylalanine 6.9% Arginine 3.8%
Threonine 3.2% Proline 2.5%
Valine 8.8% Leucine 13.2%
Histidine 7.4% Serine 4.2%
Glycine 4.6% Methionine 1.0%
Tyrosine 2.2% Lysine 8.5%
Cystine 1.6% Tryptophan 1.3%
Spray-dried hemoglobulin powder is a high-quality protein raw material with high lysine, high valine, and high tryptophan, which has extremely high economic value. The blood globulin powder produced by the process not only retains the effectiveness of the protein, improves the digestibility, but also eliminates the virus and microorganisms in it, ensuring product safety. Hemoglobulin powder has three major characteristics: safer, more stable, and fresher.
It is a pure blood cell part extracted from animal blood. After advanced processing technology, the cell wall is broken and the water solubility, digestibility and absorption rate are improved.
    shape reddish brown powder
Standard packaging 25kg/bag
Store in a cool and dry place
Storage period 18 months
It is widely used in the following animal feeds:
1. Various stages of aquatic animals
2. Lactation stage of piglets, boars, and sows
3. All kinds of poultry
4. Dogs, cats and other pets
Animal species Use object Add amount:%
Aquatic animals: fish, shrimp, eels, crabs, soft-shelled turtles, flounder, turbot, sea cucumber, etc. 1%-10%
Piglet starter feed and weaning feed less than 2%
Sow lactation feed 1%-3%
Poultry, broiler, layer less than 1.5%
Pets Dogs, cats 1%-10%