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Betaine anhydrous (glycine trimethylamine inner salt)
Betaine anhydrous is a vitamin-like substance, a new type of high-efficiency growth promoter for livestock, poultry and aquatic animals. It is neutral and changes the acidity of betaine hydrochloride. It does not occur when compounded with other raw materials in feed. reaction. So that the role of betaine can be better played.
·Feed grade anhydrous betaine:
1. It can be used as a feed additive. It is a natural and efficient methyl donor, which can partially replace methionine and choline chloride, reduce feed costs, reduce pig back fat, and improve lean meat rate and carcass quality.
2. Adding to chicken feed can improve carcass quality and breast muscle mass of broilers. Improve the palatability and utilization of bait. Increasing feed intake and increasing daily gain are the main attractants of aquatic bait. Improve the feed intake of piglets and promote their growth.
3. It can be used as an osmotic pressure regulator to improve the pressure of the gastrointestinal tract under various stress conditions and increase the survival rate of seedlings, especially juvenile shrimps and fry.
4. Betaine anhydrous has a protective effect on the stability of VA and VB and improves the use effect. It does not have the irritation of betaine hydrochloride and is the best taste in the betaine series.
5. It does not have the strong acidity of betaine hydrochloride, and it does not destroy other nutrients in the feed. To
·Pharmaceutical grade anhydrous betaine:
1. Pharmaceutical-grade betaine anhydrous is an important ingredient for improving and treating cardiovascular disease drugs and health products. Betaine can reduce the potential toxicity level of cysteine ​​in the human body. Photocystine is an amino acid in the human body. , Its poor metabolism causes cardiovascular disease in the human body.
2. Betaine is a vitamin with a biologically active form. It is very important for protein formation, DNA repair, and enzyme activity.
3. It has a wide range of applications in food and cosmetics.
4. In addition, betaine can also be combined with certain polymer substances to make dental materials. It is used as a basic ingredient in the process of fermentation and production of VB12.
Packing: 25Kg paper-plastic composite bag lined with moisture-proof film bag.
·Storage: Prevent water from entering during storage and transportation. Store in a cool, dry and dark place. The agglomerates can be crushed and used without affecting the quality.
Validity period: one year