Morpholine / Related Application Product

Super acid and alkali resistant low foam surfactant 31638

First, the nature of the product

This product is an isomeric alcohol ether synthesized from natural oils and fats. It does not contain APEO, formaldehyde and phosphorus. It is a 100% biodegradable new, low-foam, high-efficiency and environmentally friendly non-ionic surfactant. Good compatibility with various surfactants, additives, additives, solvents, acid and alkali resistance, and oxidation resistance.
Second, product features
1. Good wetting and permeability, resistant to strong acids (over 30% sulfuric acid), strong alkalis (over 30% sodium hydroxide) and electrolytes.
2. It has excellent emulsifying and dispersing ability.
3. It has excellent washing and decontamination capabilities. Especially for mechanical grease, anti-rust oil, vegetable oil and other kinds of dirt have excellent washing effect.
4. It has self-defoaming function and does not use defoamer, so there is no problem of silicon spots.
5. Non-toxic, non-irritating, no peculiar smell, non-flammable and explosive, safe to use.
Three, technical indicators

Exterior Light yellow liquid
Active ingredient,% 60
pH value (1% aqueous solution) 7±2
HLB value 12
Shelf life 1 year

Four. Product Usage
This product is widely used as penetrant, wetting agent and emulsifier. Mainly used in the preparation of pesticide emulsifiers, refining agents, hard surface cleaners, flotation agents and other industrial and civil fields.