Morpholine / Related Application Product

Strong alkali resistance, high alkali resistance, cleaning agent raw material essential oil emulsifier AG1202

This product is a new type of green surfactant with relatively comprehensive performance. It has high surface activity characteristics of anionic and nonionic, and also has the compatibility and solubilization of amphoteric surfactants; it is environmentally friendly and safe, and has excellent biodegradability. It is an industry The recognized “green and sustainable” surfactant! Medium foam, excellent miscibility with most inorganic alkali solutions! AG1202 has a wide range of versatility and can be used in any general chemical product formulations, and can be used in any combination according to product requirements!

Second, products Parameters:

Appearance: Red Brown transparent viscous liquid (25℃)

Type: Non Ion

Total content: ≥98%

PH value: 9.5-13

Turbidity point: None

Alkalinity resistance :≤50% sodium hydroxide solution

Three. Products Purpose:

Use 1: Used to configure high-alkali, high-salt water agent cleaning agent, the system is stable and does not stratify!

Use two: It is used as a solubilizer to adjust the viscosity of detergents, degreasing agents, dewaxing water and other detergents and the transparency of product appearance.

Use three: It is used to enhance the smoothness of metal processing fluids and improve the brightness of metal processing surfaces.

Use four: Used to configure non-phosphorus high detergency metal surface treatment agent.

Four. Packaging And storage and transportation:

Specifications: 210 Kg/barrel.

Transport: press General chemical transportation.

Storage: sealed Store in a cool and dry place, avoid mixing with acidic chemicals.

Shelf life: sealed Save, *use period is 12 months.