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Stainless steel pickling passivation paste

Performance characteristics:

1.1 This product is used for pickling and passivation of welded joints and surfaces of stainless steel parts, to remove the oxide scale produced after welding and high-temperature processing, to make the silver bright and shiny, and to form a layer with chromium as the main substance on the treated surface The oxide film will not produce secondary oxygen corrosion, and achieve the purpose of passivation, thereby improving the surface anti-corrosion quality of stainless steel products.
Extend the service life of the equipment. The rust removal and passivation effect surpasses similar foreign products (AVESTA) and reaches the international advanced level.
1.2 This product carries out pickling and passivation simultaneously, and completes it in one step, which changes the traditional pickling and passivation process, with simple operation, convenient construction and low cost.
1.3 The use of this product does not require special equipment and venues, heating equipment and power supplies, and skilled operators, saving labor, time, and energy.
1.4 This product is a stable ointment, it does not decompose, does not precipitate, it is convenient to transport and can be stored for a long time, and it is extremely convenient to take as soon as it is used.
Scope of application:

It is widely used in the surface treatment of stainless steel equipment, pressure vessels and engineering components in the chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, food, aviation, nuclear industry, and construction industries.
Technical index:
Project unit index
Appearance crystalline transparent paste
Free acidity point 8.5X102
Total acidity point 1.50x102
Chloride ion content Mg/kg 25-100
Passivation film thickness A0 150-600
Self-Corrosion Potential (EC) MV/SCE +202
Pore ​​corrosion potential (Eb) MV/SEB +492
Microscopic inspection, no rust and no pitting on the passive film
Detection method Use the international general stainless steel blue dot detection liquid to detect

How to use:

4.1 Stir the product evenly with a plastic rod or a stainless steel rod.
4.2 Apply a coating with a thickness of 1-3 mm.
4.3 Ensure sufficient response time (about 20 minutes). Time and temperature are directly proportional to the pickling effect, and the construction time below 0℃ is appropriately extended.
4.4 Use stainless steel wire brushes, plastic brushes and other non-carbon steel tools to remove loose residue on the surface.
4.5 Rinse the surface to be treated with water.
4.6 If there is oil stain on the surface of stainless steel, it can be removed with solvents such as BT.