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Stainless steel electrochemical polishing liquid

After the stainless steel is polished by the polishing liquid, the surface finish can be improved by about 12 poles, forming a mirror polished surface, which is bright and dazzling, and improves the corrosion resistance. This solution does not contain chromate, which is strictly controlled by environmental protection. The solution has a long life, less pollution and good polishing effect.
1. Operation index:
Relative density: 1.5—1.75 Voltage/V: 6—24 Current density (DA)/•dm-2: 20—100
Temperature/0C: 50—70 Time/min: 5—10 Cathode material: lead
2. Features:
1. The product has the same color inside and outside, clean and bright, long-lasting luster, and clear appearance.
2. The corrosion resistance of the polished surface is enhanced.
3. Compared with mechanical polishing, it has high production efficiency and low production cost.
4. After electropolishing, the surface of the part has a uniform passivation film, so there is no need for passivation treatment.
3. How to use:
Immerse the stainless steel parts to be polished into the polishing liquid, soak them for 5-8 minutes according to the different requirements of users, and just take them out and rinse them with water.