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Spot direct sale Shan Dongxi Wang maltodextrin food grade thickener stabilizer

Maltodextrin (also known as Materine, MD) is a starch derivative that is made by low-degree hydrolysis, purification, and spray drying of starch, and does not contain free starch. It has the characteristics of high viscosity, strong thickening, good solubility, good instant dissolution, good carrier properties, low fermentation, low moisture absorption, no peculiar smell, low sweetness, easy digestion and absorption by the human body, low heat, low fat, etc. It is a food One of the most ideal basic raw materials in the industry, and it has been widely used in the paper industry, daily chemical industry, fine chemical industry, and pharmaceutical industry.

Appearance: white or slightly yellowish amorphous powder without visible impurities.

Smell: It has the special smell of maltodextrin, odorless and no peculiar smell.

Taste: not sweet or slightly sweet.

The application of maltodextrin in the paper industry. Maltodextrin has good fluidity and strong adhesion. It has been used in the paper industry abroad as a surface sizing agent and coating ( Paper) Coating adhesive, some domestic paper mills apply it to the production of coated paper. When used for surface spinning, it not only adsorbs on the paper fibers, but also penetrates into the paper to improve the adhesion between the fibers. Strength, improve appearance and physical properties. Using it to replace the previous casein or polyvinyl alcohol can significantly reduce production costs and energy consumption .