Morpholine / Related Application Product

Special quaternary ammonium salt for bentonite modification

I. Product performance
This product is a new generation of quaternary ammonium salt cationic surfactant. The main feature is good ion exchange with sodium bentonite, simple modification process, and the modified organic bentonite layer spacing can reach 4.4nm. It is widely used in inks and coatings. , Oilfield drilling fluids, rubber additives, polymer materials, etc.
Two, technical indicators
Appearance Colorless or light yellow powder
Solid content% ≥98
Free amine% ≤0.5
Ash content% ≤0.5
pH (5% isopropanol) 6±2
Shelf life 1 year
Three, product use
It is widely used in the modification of inorganic soils such as bentonite and montmorillonite.