Morpholine / Related Application Product

Special lubricant for glass processing fluid

First, the nature of the product

This product is a new type of non-foaming surfactant synthesized from a special type of alcohol ether. Good compatibility with various surfactants, additives and solvents. It is resistant to strong acids, strong alkalis, strong electrolytes, and has excellent lubricating properties. It is the most ideal substitute in the polyethylene glycol glass processing industry.

Second, product features

1. No phosphorus, no foam (without any defoamer), no irritation, no peculiar smell, non-flammable and explosive, green and environmentally friendly, easily biodegradable, and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment;

2. It has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, compatibility with inorganic salts, good compatibility, and is not affected by high pH;

3. It has excellent lubricity and wear resistance;

4. Good water solubility, no foam from room temperature to high temperature.

5. Less dosage, 1% dosage can achieve good lubricity.

Three, technical indicators

Type number



Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid

pH (5% aqueous solution)


Density (g/mL at room temperature)



High-standard products can be customized according to needs

Four. Product Usage

This product is widely used in the preparation of various optical glass, jade, ceramic cutting fluids, grinding fluids, coolants, grinding pastes, polishing fluids, etc.

5. Packaging, storage and transportation

1. This product is packed in 200kg plastic drums.

2. The following marks should be on the packaging barrel: product name, factory name, batch number, net weight, production date, and product qualification certificate.

3. This product should be stored in a cool place without light exposure, and should be protected from sunlight, rain and high temperature during transportation. This product is non-dangerous.