Sodium Rosin

I. Product Nature
Sodium rosinate is an anionic surfactant with triphenyl ring structure. Because of its amphiphilic structure (a hydrophilic group at one end and a lipophilic group at one end), it is widely used as a high-performance emulsifier, especially for molecules containing benzene ring. Emulsification of structured products.
Two, product structure
Three, technical indicators

Exterior Tan viscous liquid
Solid content 50±2%
pH value >7
Shelf life 12 months

Four. Product Features
1. This product has excellent emulsifying and dispersing properties, as well as excellent lime soap dispersing and hard water resistance;
2. This product has good lubrication performance and vibration reduction and drag reduction performance.
Fifth, product use
1. When sodium rosinate is used as a flushing fluid, its hydrophilic base is adsorbed on the drill tool and the hole wall, while the lipophilic base acts as a barrier to the friction surface, so that the friction between solids becomes between the oil surface. The friction between the hole wall and the drilling tool can be reduced;
2. Sodium rosinate is an important concrete admixture, which greatly improves the mechanical properties of high-strength concrete. Sodium rosinate air-entraining agent not only has low cost, but also provides simple and easy construction technology.
VI.Packaging, storage and transportation
1. Packed in plastic barrels, each barrel has a net weight of 200kg, or customized according to user requirements.
2. The packaging barrel should have the following signs: product name, manufacturer name, batch number, net weight, production date, product qualification certificate, and stamped with an inspection stamp.
3. This product is non-toxic, non-flammable and explosive, and should be stored in a cool, wind-proof place, and kept tightly closed. If there is stratification, please shake well before use.