sodium carbonate plant

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Specs:sodium carbonate plant

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sodium carbonate plant
1.Ammonia-soda Process
2.Ammonia-soda Process(Solvay Process)
Use underground brine or crude salt and limestone as raw material,
remove the calcium and magnesium impurities from brine, re-absorption of ammonia into ammonia brine, and then carbonated ,will generate sodium bicarbonate crystallization.Filter and then calcined ,will generate soda ash.Filtered mother liquor, add lime ,reaction and distillation,recycling ammonia.
Combined-soda Process Hou’s Process
For this process ,we will design according to your special demand because there are lots of choices.Now we recommend the most popular method for reference .
It is Carbonation one time, absorption of ammonia two times, add salt one times and ice cooling methods.

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