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Small wood optimized vacuum press equipment Wood vacuum press test equipment

Mainly used for staining and anti-corrosion of wood, optimized for anti-corrosion purposes=” Small wood optimization vacuum pressurization equipment, wood vacuum pressurization test equipment, font, font, degreasing The design is based on the scale reduction of the large-scale wood anticorrosion tank with complete functions. It has a fast vacuum speed and a pressure of 50-60KG. The equipment has a compact and reasonable design, simple operation and easy learning, advanced functions, and strong versatility. , Its performance has reached the international leading level of similar products.

Specifications and technical parameters:

1. Equipment pressure: 0.1~6.0MPa

2. Vacuum: 0-0.098MPa

3. Design temperature resistance: 0~180 degrees Celsius

4. Working medium: water-soluble anti-corrosion, flame retardant, dyeing agent, optimized modification treatment

5. Operation process: full cell method, high and low frequency pressure method, double vacuum method

2. Operation sequence:

1. According to the production process, prepare the pharmaceutical liquid in the mixing tank, and put the pharmaceutical into the storage tank for use

2. Take materials according to product specifications-select materials-open the tank door-load the material-close the tank door-vacuum operation-suction-fluid replenishment-pressurization-frequency pressure-pressure relief-liquid return-post vacuum-pressure relief-open the tank Door (must ensure that the pressure is relieved)-discharge

3. How to use:

1. Full-cell method: Full-cell method is also called total absorption method. It is a preservative process that fills wood cells with preservatives. Usually suitable for water-soluble preservatives (such as: CCA, ACQ), using this method to treat wood can make the wood retain a quantity of preservatives.

2. High and low frequency compression method: The process of anticorrosive treatment of wood with repeated normal pressure and pressure cycles is called high and low frequency compression method. Using this process method to treat wood can make the wood that is difficult to infiltrate and wet wood more full Cell method has better antiseptic effect. Under normal circumstances, the depth of wood impregnation will be deeper. This is an antiseptic process with better wood antiseptic effect, and it is recommended.

3. Wood optimization and stabilization treatment (detailed operation process can be obtained from the technical department of our company)

4. Matters needing attention:

1. Before working, be sure to check whether the electrical appliances are in good condition, whether all valves, pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, level gauges, and various pumps are normal.

2. During the pressurization process, pressurize gradually, and pay attention to pressure changes, not to exceed the specified working pressure in the tank

3. After the operation is completed, the inside of the tank should be cleaned in time (tap water is sufficient)

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