Shin-Etsu Low Hardness Disulfide-Free Liquid Silicone Rubber

Recently, Shin-Etsu Chemical launched a low-hardness disulfide-free liquid silicone rubber,CHN-2003-20A/B, the Shore hardness is onlyA21.

Before,CHN-2003The hardness range of the series is mainly between the Shore hardnessA25toA70, widely used It is used in pacifiers, breast pumps, teethers, baby bottles, seals, hoses and other maternal and child products and food contact equipment. It can also be applied to watchbands, breathing masks, VREquipment masks, etc.3Cin the field.

CHN-2003 series are suitable for injection molding process. The material can meet the requirements of EN14350, even if it does not undergo secondary vulcanization treatment.EN14350 :宋体”>Drinking water equipment” standards, which greatly streamline the production process and save energy costs.

CHN-2003-20A/B T90usually54miao around, which means the production of standard pacifiers(20g)the time is controlled between 70~80seconds. At the same time, the feature of no need for secondary vulcanization lays the foundation for the realization of a high degree of automation.

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