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Shandong manufacturers specialize in the sale of concrete air-entraining agents, admixtures, and foaming powder

Air-entraining agent, also known as air-entraining agent, is a hydrophobic surface active agent, which is dissolved in water and added to the concrete mixture to produce a large number of tiny bubbles during the mixing process.

The air-entraining agent can improve the workability, water retention and cohesion of the concrete mixture, improve the fluidity of the concrete, and introduce a large number of uniformly distributed, closed and stable tiny bubbles during the mixing process of the concrete mixture The admixture.

1. The bubble structure is good, the bubble radius is small, and the frost resistance index is high. It is used for high-durability concrete structures, such as dams, high-grade highways, cooling towers of thermal power stations, pools, hydraulics, ports, etc.

2. Concrete roads and bridges with deicing salt.

3. High workability concrete project.

4. Pumping concrete.