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Rosin-based quaternary ammonium salt cationic surfactant

I. Product Nature
Rosin-based quaternary ammonium salt is a kind of cationic surfactant naturally containing phenanthrene ring structure. It has a lower critical micelle concentration and lower surface tension, so it has stronger bactericidal power and higher than ordinary quaternary ammonium salt. Surface activity and phase transfer catalytic ability, and when combined with cationic and nonionic surfactants, it can produce a greater synergistic effect, which can significantly improve the surface activity of the system. Natural, non-toxic (LD50>5000mg/Kg), renewable resources, is one of the most representative new generation of high-efficiency surfactants in the 21st century. Avoid compatibility with anionic surfactants.
Two, product structure

Three, technical indicators

Exterior Light yellow to brown opaque liquid
Solid content 33±1%
pH value 3±1
Stickiness 800 mPa·S-1300 mPa·S
Water soluble soluble in water
Surface Tension
Critical micelle
Confidentiality 1.0~1.2
Shelf life 1 year

Four. Product Usage
1. Extremely strong emulsifying and dispersing ability, suitable for high-efficiency cationic emulsifiers containing benzene ring structure and macromolecular substances and asphalt;
2. Used as an excellent corrosion inhibitor for metal pickling and petroleum industry;
3. Used as a synergist for aqueous pesticides;
4. Replace CTAB as a high-efficiency phase transfer catalyst;
5. Used as an antistatic agent for fibers, plastics, etc.;
6. Used as a high-efficiency sterilization and antifungal agent.