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Raw materials for sale of edible tannins

Edible tannins
Chinese name Tannic acid
English name Tannic acid
Chinese aliases tannic acid; tannins; tannins; gallic tannins; tannins; larch tannin extracts; dipolic acid; gallic tannins
CAS RN 1401-55-4
EINECS No. 215-753-2
Molecular formula C76H52O46
Molecular weight 1701.1985
Edible tannins
Properties: This product is light yellow to light brown powder with special smell and very astringent taste; it is soluble in 1 part of water or ethanol, soluble in acetone, and insoluble in chlorine or ethyl rice.
Quality indicators: in line with the US Food and Drug Administration “Food Chemistry Code” 3rd edition and the US Food Chemistry Code (1981) standards; US food FCC-IV standards.
Purpose/Method of Use: Mainly used as a clarifying agent for beer, wine, and low-alcohol alcohol. It can also be used for bromelain food processing.
Storage: moisture-proof and light-proof, sealed storage
Packing: Cardboard drum for external use, plastic bag for internal use, net weight 25 kg per drum.