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Sodium diacetate
Chinese alias: sodium diacetate; SDA; monosodium diacetate; sodium diacetate
English name: sodium hydrogen di
Level: Food grade
CAS number: 126-96-5
Molecular formula: C4H7NaO4
Molecular weight: 142.09
Appearance: Sodium diacetate is a molecular compound of sodium acetate and acetic acid, white hygroscopic crystalline powder or crystalline solid, with acetic acid odor, no ethylene, easily soluble in water and ethyl acetate. Decomposes when heated to above 150℃ and is combustible. 1g of this product can be dissolved in about 1mL of water. The pH of the 10% solution is 4.5 to 5.0.
main feature:
(A) The anti-mildew and anti-corrosion effect is better than that of this salt, and the general dosage is 0.3-3g/kg.
(B) It does not change the characteristics of the food and is not affected by the pH of the food itself. It participates in the metabolism of the human body and produces CO2 and H2O, which can be regarded as a part of the food, maintaining the original color, fragrance and nutritional content of the food.
(C) It has a wide range of applications and is used for anti-mildew and antiseptic of all kinds of foods, and also has great applications in medicine, tobacco, papermaking, fruit preservation, feed and other industries.
(D) The operation is convenient and flexible, and it can be directly added or sprayed or dipped
(E) The sour taste is soft, overcoming the pungent smell of propionate
(1) Adding 0.1-0.2% 1-2 kg/ton SDA to the feed can effectively prevent the feed from mildew and prolong the storage period of the feed for 1-2 months; adding 0.1-0.3% SDA to the compound feed can make the feed antiseptic Keep fresh for 3-5 months.
(2) As a nutritional flavoring agent
Adding 0.05-0.2% SDA to the pellet compound feed can increase the protein utilization rate in the feed by 11%, increase fish weight by more than 10%, and piglet weight gain by 6-8%. It can be effectively added to milk compound feed in an appropriate amount. Increase milk protein content of cows.
(3) Used as a disinfectant
Adding 0.1-0.2% SDA to aquatic feed can effectively prevent fish diseases caused by homologous microorganisms, and can be used as a fish pond clarification and disinfectant; adding 0.05-0.3% SDA to poultry feed can prevent chickens Pull diarrhea, and increase the survival rate of brooding period by more than 10%.
(4) Application of sodium diacetate in feed for weaning piglets
The addition of 0.3% sodium diacetate in the feed increased the daily weight gain of weaned piglets by 10.8% compared with no addition. The difference was significant; it had a significant impact on the daily feed intake of weaned piglets. The addition of sodium diacetate can significantly increase the feed conversion rate of weaned piglets (an increase of 10.5%). It may be mainly because sodium diacetate improves the utilization of feed nitrogen and energy
Packaging and storage:
(1) Sodium diacetate is packaged in 25kg/woven bag, the net weight is 25kg.
(2) Store in a sealed, low-temperature, moisture-proof, and sun-proof manner. Do not mix with other alkaline substances and edible substances. During the processing of feed additives, high temperatures should be avoided to prevent the decomposition of sodium diacetate and reduce its consumption. Effect.