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Quaternary ammonium salt for chemical mechanical polishing

First, the nature of the product

This product is a special Gemini quaternary ammonium salt cationic surfactant. It has two hydrophobic groups and two hydrophilic groups in the molecule. The hydrophilic groups are linked by chemical bonds by the linking group, which causes two surface activities. The monomers of the agent are closely combined. This structure, on the one hand, enhances the hydrophobic effect of the hydrocarbon chain; on the other hand, the repulsive effect between the hydrophilic groups is greatly weakened due to the restriction of chemical bonds. So it has more excellent physical and chemical properties.
Second, product features
1. The cationic surfactant can control the ratio of the polishing rate of the surface protruding part of the semiconductor with step height to the polishing rate of the surface recessed part of the semiconductor, therefore, a highly flattened semiconductor can be obtained;
2. The cationic surfactant has a lower critical micelle concentration, and is easier to disperse particles than conventional surfactants, can stabilize abrasive particles more significantly, and improve the stability of the slurry composition;
3. It can improve the excellent cleaning performance after polishing;
4. Wide applicability, suitable for fumed silica particles, colloidal silica particles, alumina particles, ceria particles, and mixtures of these particles.
Three, technical indicators

Exterior Colorless to light yellow paste
Solid content,% 55±1
pH (1% aqueous solution) 6±2
Shelf life 2 years

Four, product usage
This product is widely used in chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) slurry compositions.