Morpholine / Related Application Product

PUB (Polyquaternium-2) CAS: 68555-36-2

ink285″ style=”text-indent: 2em;”>PUB (Polyquaternium-2) CAS: 68555-36-2


ink91″>ink164″>ink90″>Product parameters: (can replace BPC-48)

ink96″>ink22″>ink5″>ink35″>CAS NO: 68555-36-2
ink65″>ink57″>ink56″>Alias/Chemical name:ink88″>ink89″>Diaminourea polymer

English name:ink314″>ink315″>Diaminoarea polymer

Content (%): 60%

Product brand: Bright

Detailed description:ink4″ style=”text-indent: 2em;”>PUB (Polyquaternium-2) CAS: ink254″ >ink253″>68555-36-2

Chemical name: Disemicarbazide polymer

Molecular formula: C15H34O4N4

Appearance: ink251″>ink252″>colorless to light yellow viscous liquid

Content: 60%

PH value: 7.0-8.5

Refractive index (20C): greater than 1.4580

Dosage: 10-14mg/ L

Application: It is a kind ofink387″>ink386″>polyureaink66″>ink67″ >Salt cationic surfactant, mainly used in alkaline zinc plating, can effectively make the thickness of the coating in the high and low areas uniform. It can also be used in cosmetics, shampoos, skin care and cleaning agents, etc.