Polymer cationic surfactant PCD

I. Product Nature
The product is a new type of hyperbranched Gemini sparse quaternary ammonium salt, which has a very high positive charge density and is easily soluble in water. It is a low-foaming cationic polymer. Non-toxic, non-irritating, and easily biodegradable. Acid resistance, salt resistance, hard water resistance, good compatibility with other types of surfactants.
Two, product structure

Three, technical indicators

Exterior Light yellow powdery solid
Solid content ≥98%
pH value 7±1
Water soluble soluble in water
Surface Tension
Critical micelle
Shelf life 2 years

Four. Product Features
1. High positive charge density;
2. Very low foam;
3. Strong acid resistance;
4. It has a comb-shaped molecular structure.
Fifth, product use
1. It is easy to be adsorbed on the clay particles through the action of intermolecular forces to prevent the clay particles from migrating due to electrostatic repulsion, thereby effectively preventing the clay from swelling, reducing the hydration, swelling, and dispersion of shale, which is beneficial to Stability of sensitive sandstone clay minerals.
2. Used as a synergist for aqua pesticides;
3. Used as a smoothing agent for washing skin care products, and as an auxiliary agent for accelerating the deposition of conditioning agents;
4. Used as a high-efficiency demulsifier;
5. Used as an inorganic flocculant synergist;
6. Used as a high-efficiency cationic emulsifier for emulsion polymerization;