Polymer cationic alkyl polyglycoside

I. Product Nature
Macromolecular cationic alkyl glycoside is a new type of cationic surfactant. It inherits the green, natural, low-toxicity and low-irritating properties of the original alkyl glycoside. It also has the various cationic properties of quaternary ammonium salts and is easily soluble Water has a very high cationic charge density.
Two, technical indicators

Exterior Brown transparent liquid
Solid content 50±1%
pH value 7±2
Water soluble soluble in water
Surface Tension 38mN/m(0.5g/L)
Shelf life 1 year

Three, four, product features
1. Green, natural, low toxicity, low irritation, easily biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.
2. Low surface tension, low critical micelle concentration and high surface activity.
3. Strong foaming power, fine, stable and rich foam, easy to wash.
Fifth, product use
1. Used in personal care products such as body wash, facial cleanser, shampoo, etc.;
2. Used as a synergist for aqua pesticides;
3. Used as mineral flotation agent;
4. Used as a high-efficiency cationic emulsifier;
5. Compounded with silicone oil, ester quaternary ammonium salt, etc., used as fabric softener;
6. Used as flow aid, filter aid and resin barrier control agent in papermaking process.
7. Flocculation aid for sewage treatment.