Morpholine / Related Application Product

Phosphorus-free, odorless, degreasing raw material Jie’s diffusion agent NOF

Diffuser NOF It is a kind of non-phosphorus, nitrogen and VOC polymer organic solid surface active agent. It has excellent dispersion, emulsification, decontamination, foaming, wetting properties, and is not sensitive to hard water. It is non-toxic, odorless, and pollution-free “three nos”. A new type of ionic surfactant, excellent in industrial cleaning compound, metal rust prevention, oily particle dirt, fiber dirt washing, especially in the case of medium to high alkalis, and its detergency is paired with the increase of environmental temperature. Angular enhancement!

  Product parameters< /p>

  Appearance: white Or beige powder/granule

  Solid content: 98%

  Type: Anionic Surfactant

  PH value: 10-13

   Turbidity point: Dirt point

  HLB value: 13.5

  Alkali resistance : Unlimited

  Main purpose< /p> During electroplating and electrolysis industrial cleaning, the plating layer can be made more uniform, without tree-like patterns, cracks, etc.

  2. Degreasing quickly at high temperature, degreasing powder solid surface active agent, the finished product is dry. It is not easy to agglomerate. It is compounded with non-ionic surfactants and has an outstanding decontamination effect in a high-alkali environment.

  3.PH Value adjustment stabilizer, solubilizing effect

  4. Use In the cathodic electroplating, electrophoretic painting pre-treatment washing, improve the gap, deep holes. Decontamination efficiency of the close part of the workpiece.

  5. Suggested dosage: 5-10%