Morpholine / Related Application Product

Phosphorus-free and nitrogen-free degreasing and dewaxing raw material polyoxyethylene lauryl ether NM-9

Uses: This product has super washing, emulsification, dispersion, wetting, decontamination, wax removal, penetration and other functions. It has strong foaming power, easy to rinse, and excellent detergency: it is irritating to the skin in various surfactants One of the less sexual varieties. High environmental protection standards. It does not contain phosphorus, nitrogen, etc., which are eutrophication elements of water and soil and its heavy metals: it can be compounded with various surfactants to enhance their washing effect: decontamination and emulsification indispensable in the production of wax remover (powder) It can greatly improve the effect of wax removal and decontamination! It has obvious effect when combined with 6501 detergent, 6503 detergent, SAS90, etc.: It is also widely used in daily washing, car washing liquid, cooking fume stove and other lotions are added in large quantities!

Appearance: Shallow Yellow or colorless transparent liquid (25C)

Molecular weight: approximately 626

Turbidity point: Above 75℃

Packaging and storage :

210KG plastic bucket The shelf life is 12 months.

according to general chemistry Product storage and transportation. Store in a dry place