Original imported Akzo berol 226 SA

1. Product name: Original imported Aksu berol 226 SA

2. Product features:

1. BEROL 226 is a surfactant mixture used in water-based degreasing and cleaning formulations. It has the characteristics of easy formulation and efficient degreasing.

2. BEROL 226 is extremely effective for removing organic oil stains from oils and fats.
3. The degreasing agent formula formulated with BEROL 226 as the main ingredient has an excellent cleaning effect in vehicles, engines and metal parts (metal processing). To
3. BEROL 226 is suitable for alkali, acid and universal cleaning agent.
4. Suitable for high pressure and low pressure cleaning equipment.
5. Simply combine BEROL 226 with a compounding agent and a builder to make an excellent quality water-based degreaser.
6. Since the required raw materials are not complicated, do not contain solvents, are low in cost and are conducive to environmental protection, the production process is easy to achieve low cost and high efficiency.
7. Its preparation process only requires the following simple steps:
● Dissolve salt and compounding agent in water
●Join BEROL 226
●Mix with standard mixing equipment at room temperature
●Check the temperature transparency level
Typical data and performance

Color, Gardner color Maximum is 7
pH (pH value), 1% aqueous solution 7
Active ingredients 100%
Transparent point 7℃
Density, 20℃ 1.01g/cm3
Flash point >100℃
Flow point -10℃
Viscosity, 20℃ -80 mPa s
Foam height
(Ross-Myers method, 50°C, 0.05%)
Application moment: 55mm
After 5 minutes: 50mm
Surface Tension
(Dunuoyi ring method, 25℃, 0.1%, German Industrial Standard 53914)
26.8 mN/m
The solubility of 5%BEROL 226:
Can be dissolved in Ethanol, propylene glycol, water
Can be dispersed in Xylene

Handling and application

1. Suitable for industrial heavy-duty degreasing, locomotive cleaning, and multi-functional hard surface cleaning.

2. It has a good dispersing effect on soot, carbon black and other particulate dirt wrapped in oil.

3. It can replace solvent-based degreasing agent.

Household multifunctional hard surface cleaner (kitchen, bathroom, floor cleaner)

Berol® 226 SA 9%


TKPP (potassium pyrophosphate) 4%

Water 78%

Use concentration: use after diluting 20-100 times

Acid detergent (sanitation cleaning, descaling agent)

Berol® 226 SA 4%

Citric acid 2%

Hydrochloric acid 20%

Water 74%

Use concentration: use after diluting 10-100 times


Three, the scope of application:

Water-based metal degreasing hard surface cleaner, all-purpose water, multifunctional cleaner, cloth cleaner, head water, acid cleaner and other products.

4. Packing specification: 200KG/barrel, sub-packaging: 20KG/barrel.

V. Storage method:

Please completely seal the packaging container and store it in a dry and ventilated place to avoid direct contact with light and heat.

Six. Product recommendation:

BEROL 226 SA, BEROL 610, BEROL 609, BEROL DGR81, ETHTLAN 1005, BEROL 561, etc.

Seven. Welcome to inquire and provide free sample trial.

VIII. Introduction of other products

A new generation of nonylphenol polyoxyethylene ether substitute Berol®610

610 alkyl alcohol ether compound surfactant, its cloud point and HLB value are basically the same as NP, in addition, 610 is completely water-soluble, no need to add a solubilizer (lower pour point and viscosity, especially faster dissolution in cold water Fast), easy to biodegrade, and environmentally friendly. It is an ideal substitute for NP9/NP10.

Recommended formula

Super concentrated laundry detergent

LAS 12% AES 10% 610 15% AEO9 6% 31766 7% EDTANA2 0.5% Sodium citrate 1.5% Ethanol 4% 1.2 Propylene glycol 4 602N 2% Water 45%

This formula has low foam, easy to rinse, high whiteness, and low dosage.

Fatty alcohol ethoxylate 1008

This product has good wetting, dispersing and emulsifying properties, and has a medium foam. It is an ideal product for hard surface cleaning, microemulsion cleaning agent, automobile and other stimulating transportation cleaning agents, and civilian laundry detergents.

Recommended formula

Hard surface cleaner

Surfactant 1008 Song Ti;mso-font-kerning:0pt”>1% triethanolamine mso-fareast-font-family: Song Ti;mso-font-kerning:0pt”>2% EDTA-Na4 0.5% deionized Water Song;mso-font-kerning:0pt”>96.5%

Direct spray and hard surface, 0pt”>wash with water for 2-3 minutes, clean as new. Song Ti;mso-font-kerning:0pt”>

Another acid thickening 0pt”>O/12, high-efficiency solubilization and degreasing additives 0pt”>561, acid corrosion inhibitor 0pt”>CL28/CL31