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Oil & Fats Refining and Hydrolyzing Equipment

  Post Date: Sep 22,2021
  Expiry Date: Mar 21,2022
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Oil & Fats Refining and Hydrolyzing Equipment:Technology and equipment in the plant for preparing fatty acid, and glycerin from sweet water can be supplied. Natural oil and fats can be used to produce mixed fatty acids, and industrial glycerin and pharmaceutical glycerin as by-products at same time. Refining Hydrolyzing Distillation Fats Refined fats Crude Fatty acids Refined fatty acids Distillation Sweet water Crude glycerin Distillation Distillation Pharmaceutical glycerin Industrial glycerin Capacity: 10 t fats per day to 100 t fats per day 1 t glycerin per day to 15 t glycerin per day Oil and fats refining units Heat exchangers Filters Deodorizer Computer control The oil and fats refining unit is used to remove impurities from oil and fats, to meet the requirements of toilet or laundry soap production. The sections in this unit are: Oil and fats melting Hydration Acid refining Alkaline refining Bleaching Deodorizing The above-mentioned section(s) is selected according to the grade of oil and fats to be used. Capacity: 50 t/d to 600 t/d.

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