Oil cleaning agent

Shandong Kaidi brand KD-L311 mechanical oil cleaner is used to replace gasoline and kerosene to clean all kinds of machine oil, cutting oil, dust and dirt, polishing paste, lubricating oil, anti-rust grease and other various mechanical equipment and metal parts. Minerals, animal and vegetable oils, etc. It does not corrode metals and does not damage the paint film. It is a non-toxic, harmless, safe, and non-polluting fuel-saving cleaning agent. This product can also be used to clean non-metallic materials such as plastic, rubber, cement, wood, ceramics, glass, bricks, mosaics, leather, artificial leather and other materials that adhere to various oil stains, smoke stains, mildew, and oxides. And other dirt.

Shandong Kaidi brand KD-L311 mechanical oil cleaning agent composition:

It is composed of imported surfactants, polymer builders, inorganic co-solvents and metal protective agents.

Physical and chemical properties of Shandong Kaidi brand KD-L311 mechanical grease cleaner:

Appearance: light yellow viscous transparent liquid (original liquid)

PH value: 9-11 (5% aqueous solution)

How to use Shandong Kaidi brand KD-L311 mechanical oil cleaner:

Dilute with water to prepare a 5-10% aqueous solution.

Put the parts to be cleaned into the cleaning solution, and you can choose to clean by any method such as manual cleaning, scrubbing, brushing, mechanical spraying or ultrasonic cleaning. Wipe the cleaned parts with a clean cloth or air dry. When the oil pollution is serious, the concentration of the cleaning agent can be increased. After using the cleaning fluid for a period of time, it can remove the surface oil and bottom sediment, and continue to use after adding an appropriate amount of this product.

Packaging and storage
1. Packaging: 25kg/plastic drum; 200kg/plastic drum.
2. Storage: The shelf life is 2 years, stored in a cool and dry place.

If you have product needs or questions, please call the technical center of Kaidi Chemical Industry Cleaning Division to request a cleaning plan and quotation. The manufacturer directly supplies customers to the factory, focusing on industrial chemical cleaning for ten years, and the product quality and technical strength are 100% guaranteed!