Morpholine / Related Application Product

Non-foaming Surfactant Jieshi Polyvinyl Alcohol Propylene Ether C-201

Main features and uses

General use For non-foam or low-foam industrial washing, such as metal surface cleaners and degreasing agents, bottle washing agents, glass cleaners, plastic cleaners, etc., the most common typical uses are spray cleaners, spray degreasing agents, high-pressure water Rinse additives, ultrasonic cleaning

  1. Spray cleaning used above 10℃*, no foam, strong degreasing power, acid and alkali resistance, can meet the spray degreasing cleaning requirements under high pressure .

  2. Non-ionic surfactant, 99% content industry* product, with silicon-free defoaming and self-defoaming functions, excellent degreasing and decontamination ability. Excellent compatibilization, improving the compatibility of other emulsifiers with inorganic salts, is a major innovation in the washing industry!

  3. It has excellent washability, compatibility, wettability, emulsification, super strong ability to degreasing and degreasing various oils, high efficiency and durability Good sex,

  4. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, no peculiar smell

  5. Good compatibility with conventional additives

    Appearance (25℃): colorless and transparent liquid

    Water-soluble (greenhouse) without precipitation

    Foam performance (mm): ≤10 10℃±1℃

    pH: (1% aqueous solution): 6.0-8.0

    HLB value: 18-20

    Content: 99.5%

    Cleaning rate (0.5%-201+1% inorganic salt aqueous solution, spray cleaning, 30℃±2℃): ≥95%

    The recommended dosage in the liquid cleaning agent is 1-8%, and the effect is better when used with c-200 low-foaming active agent