Nanjing Yangzi Petrochemical Rubber Co., Ltd. exploded and caught fire at the styrene-butadiene plant

Global Organotin Network News:

According to @南京消防, at 17:06 on January 12, Nanjing Yangtze The styrene-butadiene plant of Petrochemical Rubber Co., Ltd. exploded and caught fire. The Nanjing Fire Command Center mobilized fire rescue forces to the scene. At present, the fire rescue force is dealing with the scene.

Released by @China Petrochemical Yangzi Petrochemical Company: 17:05 PM, Yangzi Rubber Company’s Shunding Device Fire broke out There are currently no casualties, the fire has been brought under control, the environmental monitoring is normal, the sewage is enclosed in the cofferdam, and there is no discharge. At present, the fire is small, protective burning, and environmental monitoring is normal.

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