MZB-L wood bright protective agent

Luminous wood protective agent
One: Product performance introduction:
1. This product can quickly penetrate into the wood pipe. After being cured by painting or spraying, a bright effect that can make the surface of the wood produce abrasion resistance, water resistance, stain resistance, smoothness and dirt resistance is instantly generated. After treatment, the wood (plywood, joinery) ) The original surface brightness of the building template can be increased by 40-60%, the abrasion coefficient of the board surface can be increased by 20-30%, and the waterproof effect of the board surface can be increased by 30-40%. The antifouling effect of the board surface can be increased by 45-55%.
2, the treated board has a series of advantages such as clear texture, color keeping the original wood color and tasteless, translucent, anticorrosive, slippery, weight gain and so on.
3, MZB-L wood bright protective agent is a concentrated liquid, with strong permeability and rapid dispersion
4, MZB-L wood bright protective agent can be repeatedly used after being diluted with water, which greatly reduces the actual processing cost of the board.
Two: Scope of application:
It is mainly suitable for brightening and protecting all kinds of board (plywood) joinery, construction template (bamboo plywood template, film faced board, melamine board) wooden crafts.
Three:Product technical parameters:
1、Outside view: bright white lotion
2, stability: strong stability coefficient
3、Ionicity: non-ionic
4、Viscosity (25℃): 15~18 mpa.s
5 Solubility: easily soluble in water
6、Qi   odor: no special odor
7, thanheavier1.18
8, melting point:240
9, effective active content: 90%
10,PHValue 7-7.51,
Four: How to use:
Dilute MZB-L wood bright protective agent and tap water first, and it is recommended to use a concentration of 25%-30% to fully absorb the wood surface, ie (complete wetting as the standard), spraying area 20-25 square / KG
Five: Matters needing attention:
1Be sure to clean up the dirt on the surface of the board before operation so as not to affect the permeability and dispersion of the liquid medicine
2、If you touch your eyes, immediately wash them with plenty of tap water
3、Validity period: 3 years