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MJB-TS teak discoloration treatment agent

Teak discoloration treatment agent
Teak has rich oiliness and silicon content, so its dimensional stability is better than other woods. So it is widely used to make wood floors, luxury yacht decks and other materials. The color of the teak surface can be oxidized to golden yellow through photosynthesis. And the color will become more beautiful with time. However, due to the influence of climate and soil pH, the color and brightness of the teak surface of teak of different origins are not the same. In addition, due to improper transportation and storage for a long time and improper moisture drying control and other factors, some teak boards will have browning, different shades, and blackheads. The traditional treatment process is generally carried out by photosynthesis through natural drying in the sun. Oxidation treatment oxidizes the surface color to golden yellow, but it often causes difficulties for subsequent production and processing due to the influence of weather, temperature and rainy season. MJB Mujiebao Teak Discoloration Treatment Agent can effectively perform rapid extraction-oxidation-reduction of the melanin of teak. After treatment (no sun, rainy, cloudy, it can still be operated, it only needs to be 1 to 5 with tap water. 8 After being diluted, it can be stored naturally for 24 hours after simple painting) The teak board can be oxidized and reduced to uniform brightness. The color is golden and bright, and will not destroy the original oily and natural taste of teak.
One: Product technical parameters:
1: Exterior view: colorless and transparent liquid
2: Qi and taste: no special smell
3: Heavier than 1.5
4: Melting point: 120℃
5: Effective active matter content: 80%
6: PH value 10
7: Validity period: 2 years
Two: Scope of application: MJB Mujiebao teak discoloration treatment agent is mainly used for teak flooring, teak veneer, teak decorative board, yacht floor, teak furniture, teak products color difference, immersion head, dark color and other discoloration treatments
Three: How to use:
Before operation, MJB-TS teak discoloration treatment agent should ensure that the wood surface is clean and free of stains. It can be applied evenly by spraying, coating, soaking, etc., and the wood surface is fully absorbed (completely wetted) as the standard, and it can effectively process 30-35 square meters per kilogram.
Four: Scope of application: teak flooring, teak furniture, yacht flooring, teak handicrafts and other discoloration treatments.
Five: Matters needing attention:
1: Clean up the stolen goods on the surface of the board before operation so as not to affect the permeability of the liquid medicine
2: If you touch your eyes, wash them off with plenty of tap water.
3: Keep away from children during operation