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75504Instructions for dehydrating agent

I. Slotting requirements:

Proportional concentration: add per liter of water10-15ml (75504Dehydrating agent)

Working temperature:70-75degree

Soaking time:15-30seconds

Second,75504Instructions for dehydrating agent:

1, the preparation of dehydrating agent working solution:

Pour clean water into a clean tank, heat it to about 75degrees, and slowly add in proportions while stirring Dehydrating agent, ready to use.

2, dehydrating agent working fluid maintenance:

The concentration of the working fluid will gradually decrease during use, and the dehydration effect will also slow down. The tank should be changed regularly. The frequency of tank change is generally determined by the actual use results.

Three.75504Precautions for the use of dehydrating agent:

Put the workpiece into the tank10-30seconds, after dehydration, it can be washed with or without water (according to Depending on the actual situation), if you choose not to wash after dehydration, take it out of the tank slowly after processing (remember that the speed of the tank should not be too fast), if you choose to wash after dehydration (recommend It is cleaned with pure water) Washing3times, the last time should be taken out of the washing tank slowly (remember that the speed of the tank should not be too fast , Otherwise it will affect the dehydration effect or cause water stains on the surface of the workpiece), and then bake the temperature according to the needs after it is proposed (it is recommended to control the temperature in 80-100 About degree) , the drying time is about 10-15 minutes.