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Luoyang Xipeng XP1545 Highly Infiltrating Isooctyl Stearate Cutting Oil Extreme Pressure Lubricant

XP1545 Isooctyl stearate
Product Overview XP1545 is a biodegradable monoalcohol monoester with excellent wettability and low viscosity. Isooctyl stearate has a wide range of applications as base oil and additives. It is especially suitable for metal cutting fluids and rolling fluids. It has good wettability and annealing detergency.
Should be used 5-50% steel plate rolling
·Cutting, grinding, drawing and stamping (pure oil and water-soluble) 5-95%
Performance characteristics 1. Isooctyl stearate is a common isooctyl ester in metalworking fluids. It has good wettability. Therefore, in pure oil processing, all three products can provide very good lubricity and at the same time provide processing fluid permeability, such as High speed cutting, drilling, punching.
2. Isooctyl stearate itself has no iodine value, so it has very strong oxidation resistance in high temperature and harsh processing. The combination of harsh processing and high-activity vulcanized extreme pressure electrode not only will not be oxidized, but also can provide very good Synergistic lubrication and extreme pressure.
3. The viscosity is not close to that of No. 10 white mineral oil, so the base oil used as a semi-synthetic processing fluid is very emulsified.
Product name XP1545
Appearance Clear and transparent liquid
Viscosity at 40°C/(mm2/s) 9
100°C viscosity/(mm2/s) 3
Flash point (℃) 214
Pour point (℃) 0
Density at 20°C (20°C, g/cm3) 0.86
Saponification value (mg KOH/g) 150
Iodine value (g/100g) <1 Acid value (mg KOH/g) 0.05 Hydroxyl value (mg KOH/g) 1 Technical indicators To Matters needing attention XP1545 needs to be stored in dry low-carbon steel equipment. Like other synthetic esters, every effort should be made to avoid contact with skin and eyes. To To Packing 200L plastic drum, 180kg/drum. To