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Large supply-MJB Mujiebao Rosewood Color Change Treatment Agent + Rosewood Discoloration Eliminator

Large supply-MJB Wood Jiebao Rosewood Color Change Treatment Agent + Rosewood Discoloration Eliminator

MJB Mujiebao rosewood color change treatment agent + rosewood discoloration elimination agent can effectively target rosewood The red pigment undergoes rapid penetration-oxidation-extraction-reduction-decomposition, and the treated rosewood wood surface has a golden, bright and uniform color, and does not destroy the original oily and natural smell of rosewood. It is currently It is an ideal color changing aid for furniture factories, floor factories, handicraft factories and dark rosewood to huanghuali.

One: Product technical parameters:

1: Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid

2: Odor: No special odor

3: heavier than 1.25

4: Melting point: 1420℃

5: effective active content: 85%

6: PH value: 9

7:Validity period: 2 years

8: Solubility: Dissolved

9: Dilution ratio: 1:5 with tap water

II: Scope of application :

MJB Mujiebao rosewood color change treatment agent is mainly suitable for rosewood wood floors and rosewood stickers Panel, rosewood decorative board, rosewood furniture, color difference of rosewood craft products, dark color and other imitation huanghuali treatments.

Three: How to use:

MJB-TS rosewood color change treatment agent before operation, ensure that the wood surface is clean and free of stains. It can be applied evenly by spraying, coating, soaking, etc., and the wood surface is fully absorbed (completely wetted) as the standard, and it can effectively treat 30-35 square meters per kilogram. And whoever dilution ratio is 1:5 for mixing

Four: Precautions:

1: Clean up the dirt on the surface of the board before operation so as not to affect the permeability of the liquid medicine

2: Wash your eyes with plenty of tap water immediately.

3: Keep away from children during operation