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Large supply-Huzhou environmentally friendly wood anti-tarnishing agent + board anti-reddening agent + wood product color changing agent

Large supply-Huzhou environmentally friendly wood anti-tarnish agent + board anti-red change agent + wood product color change agent

I. Product introduction:

The factors that cause wood discoloration are mainly due to the phenolic compounds in the wood contacting oxygen in the air or the wood being heated to produce oxidative decomposition during the drying process, which leads to changes in the original benzene ring structure of the wood, resulting in the analysis of pigments. After the hemicellulose is further oxidized, the wood will appear yellow, red, brown and other discoloration phenomena in different degrees during drying and heating. MJB-NS type wood cleaner-environmental wood anti-tarnishing agent can effectively and completely eliminate the yellowing, redness and browning of the dried boards after vacuum pressurization or brushing and spraying on the boards after opening. At the same time, the oxidation resistance and UV resistance of the treated board surface can be effectively increased by more than 3-6 times. The color of the treated board can effectively keep the log fresh, uniform color, clear texture, consistent color, and long-term storage A series of advantages such as not easy to oxidize and fade. Widely used in rubber wood, teak, rosewood and other easily discolored tree species.

Two, product parameters:

1. Appearance: light green transparent liquid
2. Odor: no special odor
3. Specific gravity 1.52

4. Melting point: 80℃

5. Effective active matter content: 78%
3. How to use:
MJB-NS Mujiebao-environmentally friendly wood anti-tarnishing agent is directly applied to the wood by vacuum pressure or brushing and spraying

1. The vacuum pressurization method is routinely used. The vacuum pressurization method recommends the use of a concentration of 0.2%-0.6% and the diluted medicinal solution can be used repeatedly.

2. The recommended concentration of soaking method is 1%-3%, soaking time 10-20 minutes

3. The recommended concentration of brushing method is 4%-6%, and the brushing area is 15-20 square/KG

4. Please move the sprayer to an outdoor ventilated place when spraying. The spray concentration is 5%-8%, and the spray area is 20-30 square/KG

4. Matters needing attention:

1. Please don’t fall over randomly after using this medicine. Please wear rubber protective gloves during operation.

2. If it accidentally sticks to the skin or touches the eyes, it should be washed repeatedly with water in time

3. When using a sprayer to spray, please move to an outdoor ventilated place for operation

4. Keep away from children during operation and store in a cool place

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