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Large supply-Guangzhou elm floor anti-mold liquid + three-layer solid wood composite floor anti-mold agent

Large supply-Guangzhou elm floor anti-mold liquid + three-layer solid wood composite floor anti-mold agent
1. Product performance introduction:
Anti-mold treasure is a kind of internal absorption and anti-rainfall wood anti-mold agent. It can quickly dissolve in water to form a light white emulsion. Its polymer active ingredients can quickly diffuse and penetrate into the wood fiber tissue. It can not only prevent the blue stain inside the wood. It can also touch and kill the mold on the wood surface. This product has a strong killing effect on various Aspergillus, Trichoderma and Penicillium, and has obvious effects on preventing the growth of blue stain. It is an ideal mold inhibitor for bamboo and wood, especially suitable for Preventive treatment of mildew-prone tree species such as rubber wood, mongolica, larch, birch, and maple
Two: Main ingredients: a mixture of alkyl amine compounds (Ammoniacal Copper) and (Chlorothalonil CTL); stabilizers; surfactants, etc. do not contain formaldehyde, phosphorus, Nitrogen, lead, mercury, arsenic, benzene and other toxic and harmful substances.
3. Executive Standard: National Standard GB18582-2001
4. How to use:
1. The recommended concentration of vacuum pressurization method, immersion method, painting method and vacuum pressurization method is 1%-1.5% according to the regulations of my country’s wood structure engineering construction quality acceptance code (GB502060-2002). The retention of the active anti-mildew and anti-corrosion ingredients in the wood treated by the vacuum pressure method should be above 4kg/m3
2. The recommended concentration of soaking method is 3%-5% and the soaking time is 10-20 minutes
3. The recommended concentration of the painting method is 6%-8% The painting area is 20-30 square / square KG
4. When spraying the sprayer, please move it to an outdoor ventilated place. The spray concentration is 7%-9%, and the spray area is 25-35 square / square KG.
5. Matters needing attention:
1. This medicine has an effect on fish and shellfish, please pay attention not to throw it randomly after use.
2. You must wear protective equipment such as rubber gloves, protective glasses, masks, etc., and pay attention to the impact on the human body.
3. After sticking to the skin, it should be washed with soap and water in time
4. Wash your eyes with plenty of tap water immediately
5. In case of accidental drinking, drink plenty of water, do not suppress vomiting, go to the hospital for treatment
6. When using a sprayer to spray, please move to an outdoor ventilated place for operation
7. Effective period of use: 24 months