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KD-L4112 boiler online descaling agent factory direct sales

The circulating water system in the boiler requires neither corrosion of metal equipment nor scaling, clogging, algae propagation, etc., so as not to hinder the normal operation of low-pressure boilers, so boiler water needs to be treated regularly. KD-L4112 boiler online descaling agent (non-stop cleaning agent) is used to clean steam boilers, hot water boilers, steam locomotive boilers, flash evaporators, smelting furnaces, electric steam generators and other equipment.
This product is more effective than pickling and descaling: it has a good cleaning effect on various types of insoluble scales that cannot be descaled by pickling. Even stubborn salt water scales can be removed well.
This product is safer than pickling and descaling: it is cleaned under weak alkaline (pH 10-12) conditions, no corrosion damage to the metal, and long-term use has no adverse effects on the mechanical properties and service life of the equipment.
This product is more economical than pickling and descaling: the cleaning is completed during the normal operation of the equipment, and the cost is lower than the regular pickling cost, and it does not affect production and has no production shutdown losses.
This product is simpler than pickling and descaling: just add it in proportion, and anyone can operate it.
This product is harmless and pollution-free: it does not enter steam during normal operation of the boiler and does not affect the steam quality. It can be used to clean the operation of steam boilers in the food and sanitation industries. The cleaning waste liquid does not pollute the environment.
①Add 50 grams of KD-L4112 boiler online descaling agent per ton of make-up water (including condensate return water), add it to the water supply tank and mix well, and inject the boiler into normal operation when making up water. If there is no water supply tank, a temporary valve and a dosing tank can be installed on the inlet pipe of the water replenishment pump, and the negative pressure at the inlet when the pump is turned on to replenish water is used to suck the scale cleaning agent into the water replenishment pump and inject it into the boiler.
②Keep the pH value of the pot water at 10-12. If the pH value is lower than 10, use mixed sodium hydroxide (1 part sodium hydroxide plus 2 parts sodium carbonate) to adjust to above 10.
③The steam boiler discharges sewage once per shift, and the discharge rate is 8-10% (the boiler with large evaporation capacity and small water capacity increases the number of sewage discharges).
④ When the scale thickness is less than 3mm, when the boiler runs at full load for 24 hours, the descaling cycle is generally 30 to 40 days. When the scale is thick or the load is low, the descaling cycle needs to be prolonged. Silicate scale appropriately extends the descaling cycle.
⑤Each drain valve should be drained when draining, and no blind spots should be left to prevent the deposition of dirt particles. The scale cleaning agent must be used continuously during descaling, and should not be interrupted, otherwise the descaling cycle will be prolonged and the dosage will be increased. Drain the dirt on time when descaling, so as not to block the pipeline due to the deposition of dissolved scale particles. Insufficient sewage will reduce the cleaning efficiency. When the amount of medicine is insufficient, the cleaning efficiency will be reduced (the descaling is not clean), and the scale cleaning agent should continue to be used for cleaning.
Packaging and storage
1. Packaging: 25kg/plastic drum; 200kg/plastic drum.
2. Storage: The shelf life is 2 years, stored in a cool and dry place.