KD-L3152 Carbon Oil Cleaner

KD-L3152 carbon oil dirt cleaning agent can quickly remove carbon deposits, heavy grease and sintered dirt on the inner wall cavity of the equipment and workpieces, pistons, oil pipelines and other parts. It has strong penetration to carbon deposits and heavy grease. When cleaning precision parts, the matching accuracy will not be damaged.
Suitable for cleaning dirt: lubricating grease, anti-rust oil, cutting oil, air compressor and engine coke carbon deposit.
Product characteristics: (This product has a solvent odor, colorless and transparent liquid, specific gravity: 1.0±0.05, non-combustible.)
1. Safety: non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable.
2. It is easy to use, without heating and mechanical stirring.
3. Economy: It can be used repeatedly.
4. Non-combustible, non-explosive, non-toxic and harmless, as well as fast dissolution rate and low volatilization rate are the typical characteristics of this product.
Scope of application:
It can be used to remove carbon deposits on the inner wall of the engine, compressors, fuel injectors, oil heat exchangers, screws and other parts, as well as the copolymer of carbon deposits and oil stains.
1. Soaking and scrubbing, ultrasonic cleaning, cyclic cleaning, etc. To
2. Cycle cleaning
2.1 Drain the remaining old oil from the system
2.2 After adding Shandong Kaidi brand KD-L3152 carbon oil cleaning agent to the system (with a concentration of 5% to 10% with water), cycle cleaning for 8-12 hours, and then discharge the cleaning waste liquid. If the carbon layer exceeds 4-5 mm, the soaking and cycle cleaning time can be extended appropriately. Note that when discharging, be sure to maintain a certain pressure in the system so that the fallen carbon deposits can be discharged smoothly and avoid clogging the pipeline. To
1. If it accidentally splashes on the skin, wash it off with water. To
2. Keep sealed when storing.
3. Conventional packaging: 25 kg/plastic drum, 250 kg/iron drum; 5 kg/iron drum (sample reagent volume) packaging is also available.