KD-L3151 heavy oil cleaning agent

Product name: KD-L3151 heavy oil cleaning agent
Product model: KD-L3151
Shandong “Kaidi” brand KD-L3151 heavy oil cleaning agent is developed by Kaidi’s new technology and is compounded by a variety of surfactants. At the same time, nano-level penetrants are added, which can quickly penetrate and completely dissolve the oil. No need to soak for a long time, you can easily complete the cleaning work. There is no residue on the surface after cleaning.
Shandong “Kaidi” brand KD-L3151 heavy oil cleaning agent is a water-based environmentally friendly cleaning agent with a light green liquid in appearance and a PH value of 9, which is an environmentally friendly weak alkaline cleaning agent. It has strong penetrating, dispersing, solubilizing and emulsifying effects, and has good cleaning ability on grease and dirt. It has strong degreasing, decontamination and washing ability; the product does not contain inorganic ions, is antistatic, easy to rinse, and has no residue or There is little residue, low-foam cleaning can be achieved, working conditions can be improved, and environmental pollution can be prevented; and the surface of the cleaned material can be effectively protected from erosion while cleaning. It does not damage human skin, and is safe and reliable to various non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, and magnesium.
Scope of application:
Shandong “Kaidi” brand KD-L3151 heavy oil cleaning agent can clean all kinds of mechanical oil, anti-rust oil, cutting oil, and also has a good cleaning effect on animal and vegetable oils.
Shandong “Kaidi” brand KD-L3151 heavy oil cleaning agent can be used to clean steel plates, bearings, gears, mechanical equipment surfaces and various metal parts.
This product is a concentrated liquid, which can be used after diluting with 5-20 water according to specific conditions. In special circumstances, the stock solution can also be used directly.
There is no need to heat up during cleaning, and it can be used directly at room temperature.
This product can be used in conjunction with various cleaning equipment, or it can be directly used for manual scrubbing. After the decontamination is completed, rinse with clean water to complete all the cleaning work.
Packaging and storage
1. Packaging: 25kg/plastic drum; 200kg/plastic drum.
2. Storage: The shelf life is 2 years, stored in a cool and dry place.