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KD-L2141 coal tar coke cleaning agent

Product name: KD-L2141 coal tar coke cleaning agent
KD-L2141 coal tar and coke cleaning agent can quickly remove heavy oil, crude oil, coal tar, oil coke, coke dirt, diesel, asphalt and other oil stains on the surface of oil tanks, oil pipelines, ships and various machinery and equipment. It has a strong oil dissolving ability, and Can be used repeatedly.
Product parameters:
PH value: 7
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid (solvent type)
Fragrance type: fresh fragrance type
Packing barrel: 25 kg/barrel, or 250 kg/barrel
Shelf life: 24 months
Product Features:
◆KD-L2141 coal tar and coke cleaning agent has strong degreasing and decontamination ability, and the oil content is as high as 60-80%;
◆Safe and reliable, easy to use, high working efficiency; PH value is 7, no corrosion to most metal materials. To
◆The residual liquid can be completely volatilized, leaving no trace after volatilization; this product is an environmentally friendly cleaning agent and has passed the SGS test. To
Scope of application:
1. Used in petrochemical, industrial and mining enterprises, repair industry, printing industry, shipbuilding industry and other industries to clean heavy grease and sludge.
2. Used to clean all kinds of coal tar pipelines, indirect coolers, and oil and gas separators in coking plants;
3. It is used to clean the tar dirt and thick ring aromatic hydrocarbon tar dirt in gas pipelines and gas pipelines, heat exchangers, compressors, air compressors, vacuum pumps and other equipment used in the chemical, steel, machinery, metallurgical and other industries.
◆Cleaning of oil bins and oil tanks: the inner wall is sucked into the product by a washing machine for spray cleaning, or scrubbing; the bottom is soaked with this product. To
◆Oil pipes and sealed containers can be cleaned by anti-corrosion pumps; scattered workpieces can be soaked in this product for cleaning. To
◆The ink on the printing machine can be wiped clean with this product or by hand pressure spray can or electric spray cleaning. After using this product, it can be put into use without wiping dry. To
◆This product can be completely volatilized, and the amount of dissolved oil can reach about 80%, which is non-flammable and non-explosive. To
◆KD-L2141 coal tar and coke cleaning agent is solvent-based, please do not use it with water, and do not use it on plastic and rubber parts with poor oil resistance. To
◆Please pay attention to ventilation when working. To
◆Use with caution in high temperature and open flame parts. To
◆The waste should be sealed to facilitate repeated use of the supernatant.
◆Conventional packaging: 25 kg/plastic drum, 250 kg/iron drum; 5 kg/iron drum (sample reagent volume) packaging is also available.
Packaging and storage
1. Packaging: 25kg/plastic drum; 200kg/plastic drum.
2. Storage: The shelf life is 2 years, stored in a cool and dry place.