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KD-L2122 Thermal oil carbon deposit cleaning agent

KD-L2122 thermal oil carbon deposit cleaning agent is a solvent-based thermal oil cleaning agent product developed by our company specifically for cleaning company cleaning construction. Under the premise of ensuring cleaning efficiency, for the purpose of reducing costs, compare KD-L2121 The thermal oil carbon deposit cleaning agent has the advantages of low cost and better cost performance.
KD-L2122 heat transfer oil carbon deposit cleaning agent is a kind of water-free compound made from heat transfer oil base oil as the carrier oil, with emulsifier, dispersant, surfactant, dehydrating agent and high-grade solvent oil as raw materials. Thermal oil cleaning agent products. The product has excellent permeability, emulsification and oil coke removal ability. It quickly penetrates to the bottom of carbon deposits through chemical action, dissolving, dispersing, and stripping various hard grease and carbon deposits, whether it is thin-layer carbon deposits or thick carbon deposits. The thick carbon layer can fall off and dissolve within 4-6 hours. The effect is remarkable, and there is no corrosion, it is the current professional carbon removal product.
2. Product parameters:
PH value: 7
Appearance: colorless liquid
Density: 1.12±0.02
Scent type: solvent
Packaging: 25 kg/barrel, or 250 kg/barrel
Shelf life: 24 months
3. Product features:
◆Using the heat transfer oil base oil as the carrier oil, it will not affect the heat transfer oil furnace system after cleaning;
◆Safe and reliable, easy to use, no need to heat, normal temperature operation, high work efficiency;
◆PH value is 7, neutral, no corrosion to most metal materials;
◆This product is an environmentally friendly cleaning agent, non-flammable, non-explosive, non-toxic and harmless;
◆This product is an anhydrous cleaning agent, and it is relatively easy to empty after cleaning;