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KD-L2111 Carbon Deposition Cleaning Agent

KD-L2111 carbon deposit cleaning agent is a new scientific research result of our company. It is refined with a penetrant and synergist containing a special charged base. The carbon deposit has excellent dissolution and stripping ability. No matter how thick or hard the carbon deposit is, it can be stripped from the surface of the equipment within 24 hours. The effect is remarkable, fast and effective.
Product parameters:
PH value: 7
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
Fragrance type: fresh fragrance
Packing: 25 kg/plastic drum, 250 kg/iron drum
Shelf life: 36 months
Product characteristics: (This product has a solvent odor, colorless and transparent liquid, specific gravity: 1.15±0.05, non-combustible.)
1. Safety: non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable;
2. Convenient to use, without heating and mechanical stirring;
3. It can be used repeatedly to save resources. To
4. Economy: It can be used repeatedly and is currently a professional carbon removal product. To
Scope of application:
Decarbonization of machinery equipment, hardware parts, oil pipelines, diesel generators, separators, separators, stainless steel mirrors and other equipment of diesel generators. To
1. Separate dishes and hardware parts: Pour the stock solution of KD-L2111 carbon deposit cleaning agent into a plastic tank or an iron bucket lined with plastic, put the separation dish or hardware to be cleaned, cover the top cover, and take it out after a few minutes , Use gauze dipped in the stock solution and wipe a little, and then rinse with water;
2. Stainless steel mirror: Use gauze to wipe KD-L2111 carbon deposit cleaning agent stock solution, and then rinse with water. To
3. Oil pipeline: Drain the waste oil in the pipeline, and then slowly pour the same volume of KD-L2111 carbon deposit cleaning agent stock solution from the pipeline entrance. According to the thickness of the carbon deposit, circulate for 6-8 hours, and then drain the cleaning solution. . After the cleaning fluid is discharged, there is no need to pass water, just add new oil to run. The cleaning fluid can be used repeatedly. To