Morpholine / Related Application Product

Isomerized tridecanol ethoxylate MULTISO 13-60/70

MULTISO 13-30, MULTISO 13-40, MULTISO 13-50, MULTISO 13-60, MULTISO 13-70, MULTISO 13-80, MULTISO 13-90, MULTISO 13-100, MULTISO 13-110, MULTISO 13-120 ( This series of products is currently one of the best alternatives to nonylphenol, environmental protection does not contain APEO).

The raw materials of this series of products The special multi-branched structure of alcohol (isomeric C13 alcohol) has the following characteristics: the product has excellent emulsification ability, high surface activity, resistance to hard water, good chemical stability in a wide pH range, and is compatible with other surfactants. Synergistic effect, good environmental compatibility, less odor than C13 alcohol ethoxylate prepared by C11 fatty alcohol ethoxylate and tetrapolypropylene method.