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Hubei manufacturers supply food-grade plasma protein powder

Food grade plasma protein powder
It is a mature product that has been widely used in food, maintenance products, cosmetics industry, especially meat industry. The product’s function can protect the human gastrointestinal tract, improve immunity, and supplement the needs of human nutrition. In meat products, it can improve the quality and nutritional content of meat products. So there is a larger market.
Product Description:
The food-grade plasma protein powder is a product rich in immunoglobulin extracted from animal blood, which can protect the gastrointestinal tract and improve the immunity of the human body. At the same time, it contains rich amino acids and high-quality protein to supplement the nutritional needs of the human body. The processing technology of plasma protein powder completely eliminates the fishy smell of snow liquid and reduces the viscosity, so it has better palatability. To
[Product traits]
Color: light yellow
Smell: meat fragrance
Solubility (37oC) 100%.
[main indicators] :
Protein ≥75%
Fat ≤0.4%
Ash content ≤8%.
Total number of colonies (cfu/g)<50000
Coliform <100/g
Gel strength (g/cm2) 250
pH value 9
Packing and storage conditions Packing specification: 10Kg/bag. Keep dry and protect from light.
Many experiments have shown that the palatability of plasma protein powder is significantly better than other protein materials such as skimmed milk powder, fish meal, and puffed soybeans. This product is produced under strict sanitary conditions. The product is stable, no additives, long shelf life, safer, more stable, and fresher.