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Hubei manufacturers supply feed-grade VD3 particles

Feed grade VD3 particles
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Feed grade vitamin D3 is made by spraying feed grade vitamin D3 oil.
Project index
Appearance Light yellow to yellowish brown particles
Granularity 100% passes through No. 2 sieve
The main content is above 500,000 IU/g
Loss on drying less than 5%
Content detection method
HPLC analysis, the mobile phase is n-hexane: n-pentanol=996:4. The flow rate is 2.0ml/min. The wavelength is 254nm.
Product use Add to feed premix.
Packaging 25KG carton lined with food-grade polyethylene plastic bag vacuum packaging.
Stability and storage Store in a dry, cool and dark place to avoid moisture, water or heat. The shelf life is 2 years.